03/13/2017 20:44


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Derp_Kat0w0 03/23/2017 20:55
6th place! :>
Derp_Kat0w0 03/15/2017 15:27
and since you put this in gp more ppl will see it and more entriess to suffer at looking them all and grading them :'D
Derp_Kat0w0 03/15/2017 15:26
amazing! :D
cattastic345 03/15/2017 02:15
guys i believe if she put it in their she wouldnt of put up a fight if anything id ignore the hate if i did
Thunder_Artist 03/14/2017 19:46
TeddyBear4, you can remove it after
TeddyBear4 03/14/2017 19:45
Thunder_Artist, I would but I would also have to ask my parents to get it so..
Thunder_Artist 03/14/2017 19:44
TeddyBear4, use this http://icecreamapps.com/Screen-Recorder/
you can select the area in which screenshots are made
TeddyBear4 03/14/2017 19:43
Traumatize, I swear to God that it won't allow me to. I swear to my mothers grave
lonelycousin 03/14/2017 19:43
TeddyBear4, Listen child, please, no one would be like this to you if you just told the truth. you're digging deeper graves by lying
Traumatize 03/14/2017 19:42
TeddyBear4, M h m.