Part 1

10/07/2018 12:48
ahh so ig you could say this is part one to a sort of series thing that I wanna do// idk how long its going to be, or when I'll even finish it, but it was fun making this, so I know that I should be continuing it (unlike my millions of other projects lmao)// I want to try to keep the frames between 100-200 in each scene... but I can't be sure of that, so who knows// lmao but I'm gonna keep them pretty much faceless, bc frick that-- I have the refs in my album anyway X'') // but yeah-- I have the next scene sorta sketched out already, so I might be able to finish that soon (hopefully) -and the levi ref should be finished soon too :')// (I make such weird characters lmfao)
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TraeRedhead 10/16/2018 08:52
good work love it
Guapper 10/11/2018 23:05
JacksonAnimates 10/11/2018 22:20
Guapper, vniouenirysg- love you
Guapper 10/11/2018 21:59
JacksonAnimates 10/11/2018 21:52
Guapper, ehhhhh-
Guapper 10/11/2018 21:51
JacksonAnimates 10/11/2018 21:45
Guapper, But-
Guapper 10/11/2018 20:40
JacksonAnimates, WhaT?? I kindly disagree to that,, >0
JacksonAnimates 10/11/2018 20:14
Guapper, vjngrnfoesfse I'm not though >//<'
Guapper 10/11/2018 20:11
JacksonAnimates, -shoves love back at you- But so are U >:T