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09/19/2018 18:44
10 frames, 12 Hours, I hope this gets in
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PicklesWithFruit 09/20/2018 05:58
Not to stop people from liking this! But just for next time, the ears go away in the last few frames, I would recommend checking frame by frame to make sure they're all the same but what can I complain this is AWESOME!!!
skippitt 09/19/2018 21:47
oh Idc about spoopers I care about adding to my self confidence
Parad0xx 09/19/2018 21:18
skippitt, you'll get spooders anyways
the spooders are shared with people higher up getting more i think
skippitt 09/19/2018 19:45
I dont think I won but Who cares Good job
skippitt 09/19/2018 19:32
Thank you sooooo much Athena! Im glad you do! <3
Athena97 09/19/2018 19:21
Oooo! I like it!
skippitt 09/19/2018 19:03
CjkimYnn, Awwhhhh!! Thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3!!
CjkimYnn 09/19/2018 19:03
my goodness, you will win most definitely