She cri

10/22/2017 15:47
idk doode ig. gotta go clean the bathrooms now ヅ
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Fluffowuffo 03/03/2018 20:19
Elle5, Woh, that conversation was from 2 months ago

And aawwee~<3
Elle5 03/03/2018 20:17
Fluffowuffo, good >:O bc ilY
Fluffowuffo 01/01/2018 14:57
Elle5, I was about to make a death joke

But stopped myself X'D Thanks X'3
Elle5 01/01/2018 14:50
Fluffowuffo, aww you're way too sweet for this world ^.^''
Fluffowuffo 01/01/2018 14:16
Elle5, You do uwu You're an amazing animator, and amazing artist, and just an amazing person in general~<3 You've helped me with my depression lots of times, and so I just wished to show my appreciation for you

Also it's hard to focus on typing this out because this just started playing in my playlist: X'D
Elle5 01/01/2018 14:13
Fluffowuffo, awww thanks but I realy don't *v*''
Fluffowuffo 01/01/2018 14:11
Elle5, Because you've deserved it for a long time uwu Happy new years, buddy *hugs*
Elle5 01/01/2018 14:04
Fluffowuffo, WH Y TY BUT WHY
Elle5 01/01/2018 14:04
wait WHAT
Fluffowuffo 12/31/2017 20:56
Elleeee uwu You're amazing~<3