05/05/2018 11:16
a cursed image captured at gucci gang mansion. feat. drake, eminem, xxxtentacion, lil pump and luis fonsi. (and sorry for repost because yes)


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clou- 06/06/2021 21:47
bit of memorial im ballin
SpiritWolfie 10/29/2018 17:55
*Hates everything about all those singers* ((JK))
GUCClGANG 10/29/2018 13:50
Offel, dead
Offel 05/20/2018 12:59
wheres X?
SkysNightmare 05/05/2018 12:26
mjee01 05/05/2018 11:34
Apologies but you can't join because we'd planned this ahead of time and decided we wouldn't allow any more people.
SkysNightmare 05/05/2018 11:26
i want to join
mjee01 05/05/2018 11:24
i love fags emoji oc