I love you so much~

08/20/2019 06:35


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l3lack_Secrets 08/20/2019 08:59
mixjestiic, Yes- I understand uwu
mixjestiic 08/20/2019 08:45
l3lack_Secrets, but its still too close to the lips-
l3lack_Secrets 08/20/2019 08:42
mixjestiic, but i understand!
l3lack_Secrets 08/20/2019 08:42
mixjestiic, sorry, it was his chin that my oc kissed promise.
mixjestiic 08/20/2019 08:38
l3lack_Secrets, im not 24 and hn is NOT me. im 18
why so many people think hn is my sona
he isnt ME
also please NEVER make your underaged character kiss an +18 character. its not okay.
l3lack_Secrets 08/20/2019 08:36
mixjestiic, XDD she's my age always XDD i'm half ur age!
mixjestiic 08/20/2019 08:04
uh how old is the character you animated?
hn is 24-

if your character is underaged, then this is super weird im sorry-