(preview lies but the original sucks too)

01/20/2019 18:33
my first time blending and it shows. colours are hella hard
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ShaedeTheEevee 01/30/2019 14:55
TW1ST3D 01/30/2019 13:47
Dodobroking11 01/20/2019 18:49
TW1ST3D, i never seen someone unironicly say
that ramdom white lines make it look better
ShaedeTheEevee 01/20/2019 18:43
TW1ST3D, ty! but i did a "better" version, cleaning most of the white and the face
TW1ST3D 01/20/2019 18:39
Wow, this looks so amazing!!! XD I kinda like the white lines actually, it looks really cool, but amazing Shading and awesome choice of colors! <3
Dodobroking11 01/20/2019 18:39
ShaedeTheEevee, its better to do the background first or the thing will look messy and unpleasing to look at
ShaedeTheEevee 01/20/2019 18:36
ah snoodles i gotta fix it
Dodobroking11 01/20/2019 18:33
you should do the background first
or the piece looks messy due to white random lines