12/24/2018 20:26
actually started this on 10th dec but i had 2 weeks of artblock,,, fhgfhfg anyway merry xmas, i dont really celebrate it but thought of making a christmas toon for 2018 :)
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poxem 12/24/2018 22:36
SonicmlpGolden 12/24/2018 22:02
Yo! This is awesome! :00
relationships 12/24/2018 21:31
TheOneAboveAll 12/24/2018 21:21
Why dey calling stuff like dis meme's, it's just MV's not meme's, meme's are Pepe and and Other's...
(Shut up This is Good)

Yes it Is
PeaceLion 12/24/2018 20:37
me like, good job
SketchZi 12/24/2018 20:31
a bit offsync after the first time oof oh well