free hot date with dapper

12/05/2017 02:22
b u t , n o b o d y , c a m e
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leaf-205 05/16/2018 20:09
REESUS PUFFS RESSUS PUFFs eat em up eat em up eat em up ,, I ran out ta reses puffs
THEROLEPLAYER_ 05/16/2018 19:37
i dont need anyone else,
J u s t r e e s e s p u f f s
Mcflurrydog06 03/30/2018 07:46
-SherlockHolmes- 12/09/2017 08:00
DapperVoxlyy, SAME.
I hate milk. I eat raw cereal, if I ever eat. Not eating I my choice. I'm just never hungry.
DapperVoxlyy 12/09/2017 04:08
happyjester, milk is for pussies

eat the raw bitch
purest form
Hhhiii 12/08/2017 20:15
happyjester, my thoughts
happyjester 12/08/2017 20:13
nobody came because there was no fucking milk
abbyrlz 12/07/2017 17:38
dang!!!! so smooth
Gatori 12/07/2017 12:45
This is so goo!
DapperVoxlyy 12/06/2017 22:41
huh 4 medals now