Hand practice :)

05/21/2020 20:28
Did I just sit here for an hour animating this? yes would I do it again? also yes :)
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xurbosax 05/21/2020 20:52
RadLemonParty, no im saying its amazing, and the fact that it was only an hour is godly ur so good !!!!
RadLemonParty 05/21/2020 20:49
xurbosax, i didn't specifically count unfortunately, so I made an educated guess! It could very well be an incorrect guess, so I apologize if that's the case :))
xurbosax 05/21/2020 20:47
only an HOUR!?!?!
RadLemonParty 05/21/2020 20:38
_StarMoonlight_, Thank you :)
_StarMoonlight_ 05/21/2020 20:37
this is amazing
RadLemonParty 05/21/2020 20:30
AnthTanth, Thanks :))
RadLemonParty 05/21/2020 20:30
XxzachanatorxX, THANK YOU!! It's alright! I'm sorry you're like banned!
AnthTanth 05/21/2020 20:29
nice hans
XxzachanatorxX 05/21/2020 20:29
WHOA THIS IS GOOD (would like but me have a like ban)