Hand practice :)

05/21/2020 20:28
Did I just sit here for an hour animating this? yes would I do it again? also yes :)
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Maddog420 05/22/2020 11:02
whattodo 05/22/2020 10:16
RadLemonParty 05/22/2020 09:42
Maddog420, bendy4, handssecrets, _cuddles_, THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS!!! :))
RadLemonParty 05/22/2020 09:42
BkGaming, Thank you! The buldge of the arm is purposeful! I used my own hand as a reference and my hand has it!
RadLemonParty 05/22/2020 09:41
Rigbyart, Thank You!! It means alot!! :))
Maddog420 05/22/2020 09:00
holy shit! this is good
BkGaming 05/22/2020 04:17
also is that little buldge on the arm an accident because if it is, keep it, the side of my arm is like that and i'm not actually sure its completely normal, might be because im double-jointed

wow im literally being relatable with a picture lol :p
BkGaming 05/22/2020 04:15
drawing so amazing but i honestly think things like this don't get enough attention because some people see it as just a moving hand and don't understand this form of art and how difficult it is to just sketch out but anyway, im liking
bendy4 05/22/2020 02:09
wowowowowowowo this is amazinggg
handssecrets 05/22/2020 01:07
This gives me satisfaction