Hand practice :)

05/21/2020 20:28
Did I just sit here for an hour animating this? yes would I do it again? also yes :)
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StarFireGames100 05/22/2020 16:33
XxzachanatorxX, hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
RadLemonParty 05/22/2020 15:33
Raine_Rain, MinecraftPotato, BkGaming, saltedpopcorn, Thank you!! It means a lot!
Raine_Rain 05/22/2020 15:27
thats one detailed looking hand!
StickManSam 05/22/2020 14:51
"my goals" conquer, destroy, TAKE OVER THE WORLD i got this entire site in the palm of my hand
MinecraftPotato 05/22/2020 13:42
This is really well made! Keep up the good work!
BkGaming 05/22/2020 13:06
i lurv dis
saltedpopcorn 05/22/2020 12:15
Wow! You even shaded it! Animating a hand is one thing but you even shaded the animation!!!
RadLemonParty 05/22/2020 12:07
-CloudyRain-, -_AlexandriykA_-, Thank you! :)))
-_AlexandriykA_- 05/22/2020 12:04
-CloudyRain- 05/22/2020 11:18
this is really amazing!! im impressed