have sum low quality toon

04/07/2020 17:45
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DreadfulDreadful 05/19/2020 12:41
It is dark but I will like it
killmepls38 05/01/2020 23:57
can i copy this
killmepls38 05/01/2020 23:56
i love you
Killmepls37 04/09/2020 05:40
jockoz, ye s senpanku
Killmepls37 04/09/2020 05:39
Fusing, :00000 thanks
Killmepls37 04/09/2020 05:37
Killmepls37 04/09/2020 05:35
nono0, i dont know how to keyframe lol
i go for pose to pose
H3ndric0 04/08/2020 23:03
Can we get some high quality if this is "Low" quality
nono0 04/08/2020 18:27
whats your animation process like? do u keyframe or just go for pose to pose?
Jqjones 04/08/2020 16:46
dono_the_mono, they commit seppuku, which means since they have killed someone, they atone for it by doing the same to themselves.