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06/21/2020 04:55
hey wanna play a game? yes you do i know you do. use these same colors and only these colors used in this to draw a character. it doesnt matter if it's a new one or an old OC or whatever just do it. DO IT NOW. NOOOOOOOOOOOW. btw there's no reward or anything for the best drawing thing so have fun knowing ur wasting ur time doing something unnesseccary purely for my satisfaction.
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hmmmWellThen 06/21/2020 23:42
me: challenges people to draw a thing better than me
also me: why is everyone so good. no. why am i so bad.
hmmmWellThen 06/21/2020 23:42
KunaWolf, that is accurate
Talia8Pie 06/21/2020 23:29

forgot to put here
KunaWolf 06/21/2020 08:41
so ur just telling us to draw in grayscale
Yushino 06/21/2020 07:53

i did it
hmmmWellThen 06/21/2020 05:48
Yushino, surprise surprise, it is time for my slumber. when i awake from my slumber i shall check to see whether or not you have completed my task and if you haven't then oh well i guess i will be deprived of satisfaction. the power of the future lies with you, Yushino. goodnight
hmmmWellThen 06/21/2020 05:28
kraftcheese 06/21/2020 05:27
hmmmWellThen animal crossing square nose funny heh
hmmmWellThen 06/21/2020 05:24
kraftcheese, hehe why thank you i felt the need to add the animal crossing square nose after thining that this could be better
kraftcheese 06/21/2020 05:22
hmmmWellThen impossible, this drawing is godly