Recuiting Again!!!

11/08/2018 08:58
YOu KnOW thE dEAl! Send me request with 3 of your BEST animations or 5 of your BEST drawings. - TheMemeist
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Rgirl77 11/28/2018 11:44
ohh.. nvmnvm.. ita closedd
Rgirl77 11/28/2018 11:44
im not gonna be able to actuly be on but.... XD
3 toons--->

imma add drawings too.. sorry XD

SpiritWolfie 11/21/2018 12:02
I would want to join but I suck so nah
TheMemeistArmy 11/12/2018 08:51
Fluffowuffo 11/11/2018 20:47
TheMemeistArmy, Ah, okie! Can you pm me when you guys are open again?
TheMemeistArmy 11/11/2018 06:38
Fluffowuffo, We are full right now but we will open up soon again.
Fluffowuffo 11/10/2018 16:16
These still open? I was gonna comment last night, but my mother forced me offline haha ;w;
FG_FatalHydra 11/10/2018 16:16
Sketchyx 11/09/2018 10:15
AhH I missed iT!
Aylin_M 11/09/2018 01:57