08/10/2017 19:39
This was fun : >


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GoldenWing 11/11/2017 12:52
This is amazing.
__FusH__ 08/11/2017 23:51
This is absolutely cute and gorgeous!
clou- 08/11/2017 19:00
this so gud
firehorsedesign 08/11/2017 18:44
this is so adorable-
sealegs 08/11/2017 18:35
i love the shading this is so cute
RoseFlame 08/11/2017 17:56
Woahhh this is so gud!! First the way it was drawn is beautiful! And I love how the eyes moved so realistically!!!

teach me ur ways
BlueBerryFox9900 08/11/2017 17:52
Deliriiious, oohhh okay that makes way more sense
Deliriiious 08/11/2017 17:46
Jtsoung, as he turns the whiskers appear. They are always blue, the black lines are his cheek fluff.
BlueBerryFox9900 08/11/2017 17:43
Jtsoung, oh youre right :000
why do they turn blue?:\
Jtsoung 08/11/2017 17:38
Why do his whisters turn blue?