Taking down soon

09/23/2020 15:30


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Jester256 09/24/2020 12:08
ItJustSticks, oh, still seems good for me
ItJustSticks 09/24/2020 11:41
Jester256, sorry but I'm not! I'm only good at smooth movements. Which I guess is still good but its not what I'm going for.
Jester256 09/23/2020 17:11
ItJustSticks, but your actually amazing at fighting animations and you know that XD
Jester256 09/23/2020 17:10
ItJustSticks, had me in the first half ngl
ItJustSticks 09/23/2020 17:00
Beautiful! I love fighting animations! I love them because well... I can't do them
Jester256 09/23/2020 16:15
Fusing,im not that good with shock waves and dust, so i kept them off the ground for most of it
Fusing 09/23/2020 16:09
Nice nice