Kawaii Bedroom ♡

07/17/2017 18:21
(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
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Cookie-Star 07/19/2017 13:58
HanaFlowers, ooo, that sounds kawaii! :0
HanaFlowers 07/18/2017 08:57
Cookie-Star Yess! There so many japanese styles too, like fairy kei, who blend a lot of pastel colours in their clothes, and it turns pretty cute ^^
Cookie-Star 07/18/2017 00:13
HanaFlowers, ^w^ I've been watching Japan Society's videos

Omg, the colors one was SO OVERWHELMING, SO MANY PHRASES, GAH! X'D
HanaFlowers 07/17/2017 20:58
Cookie-Star Oh that's great! I also learn a lot of information about other languages just watching some Youtube videos ^^
Cookie-Star 07/17/2017 20:13
HanaFlowers, You're welcome. ^w^

Btw, idk why I feel like sharing this with you, but I've been taking some Japanese lessons from watching these videos on Youtube! ^w^
HanaFlowers 07/17/2017 20:04
Cookie-Star Thanks!! ( ^▽^)
Cookie-Star 07/17/2017 18:45
HanaFlowers 07/17/2017 18:30
Thank very much guys! ^^
WeNeedAnimation 07/17/2017 18:28
StarsnMilkyways 07/17/2017 18:28
this is pleasent