Cat suddenly biting me after i pet it

11/08/2019 16:44
Credit goes to the person who made the orginal artwork ( i just like tinkering with others cartoons)


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LittleLittle 11/14/2019 14:36
AnimateBeast, i was stupid when i made this and did not know you could Copy and paste frames ;_;
POKMEMON_UWU 11/14/2019 14:06
AnimateBeast 11/14/2019 11:46
Austin_da_fox, Yes, I know they can get sued. But still, even if he " stole " it, he still credited the original animator. I'm not saying he deserves passer, as he only added two frames, but he still put work into the animation. The animation that used the copy and pasted frames literally looks like 2 images and a gif. Just because the animation doesn't look good, doesn't mean they didn't put work into it. It doesn't matter if the artstyle is " amazing ", using a ton of copy and pasted frames is still lazy work.
wais228 11/14/2019 08:36
no offense dude, but how does it take you that long to draw 2 frames of that? I'm sorry if its offensive...
Austin_da_fox 11/14/2019 04:08
AnimateBeast, Also professional animators use a lot of copy and pasting and it looks amazing, others can use copy and pasting too but you still won't get the same result... I wonder why?
Austin_da_fox 11/14/2019 04:05
AnimateBeast, then everyone should have the exposure of being a passer, but no, you wanna become a passer? Work for it. No one's saying that my or other animations are better. What this person is doing is copying. If this person had made money off of this you realize the original creator could sue them, right?
AnimateBeast 11/13/2019 12:38
There's literally an animation with good art on the popular page rn, but most of the frames are just copy and pasted ( no sweat dakosso, I don't really care ) and you all are screaming at this.
AnimateBeast 11/13/2019 12:36
" But what about the people who put effort and time in their animations? " you might be thinking. How do you know that those animations are quick and easy for those people since drawing and smoothness shouldn't be a problem for them, but for LittleLittle, he can be trying his absolute best. Like, chill out guys. Don't assume just cause you don't like the artstyle he doesn't try his best on his animations.
If you have a different opinion, nice, believe what you want. But just let the guy have fun on the website.
AnimateBeast 11/13/2019 12:34
and guys, just cause the animation and art doesn't appeal to you, it must've taken him a long time to do this. Why are you screaming about him stealing animations when he is giving credit in desc? The original is even on the side! Like seriously, you guys are being salty that he's passer, and that you make better animations etc. But even if his animations arn't smooth, even if the artstyle doesn't appeal to you, he is still trying his best at drawing, and trying to have fun. You guys are ruining that for him.
AnimateBeast 11/13/2019 12:32
Austin_da_fox, okay boomer