Alpaca squish rainbow

09/19/2018 16:44
owo i need spoods
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budgerigar921 09/30/2018 20:39
5SinsOfTheGhost 09/21/2018 19:43
also i really need spooders lol im broke
5SinsOfTheGhost 09/21/2018 19:24
HolyToledo, oh lol i draw with a trackpad on my chromebook but i still try, and hey your not awful you're just learning like me xd, anyways thanks!
HolyToledo 09/21/2018 18:50
It pretty good, i cant draw with a mouse, and i dont have a touchscreen, so at least youre better than me -_-
FennixFox001 09/21/2018 17:43
5SinsOfTheGhost 09/20/2018 06:52
Greenwoods0719, so you go to your animation and choose ( ... more) then you send to contest then apply the animation to the subject skippitt, lol thanks :p
FennixFox001 09/20/2018 05:54
No wait dish account
Greenwoods0719 09/20/2018 05:50
And it's on this account
Greenwoods0719 09/20/2018 05:50
Heyy can u plz tell meh how to put a animation onto the competition? Iv made one but it just won't appear on the screen help meh...!
skippitt 09/19/2018 19:33
Good luck!,Ill prolly not win But i think you will! <3