10/06/2019 17:53
So,, the end is kind of spelled out by the removal of Adobe Flash in 2020. Because of this, I'm planning one last big dedication. It will be a sort of "redo" of my old toon, copycat , where I simulated the artstyle of multiple artists. I'm going to do it again, but including the artists' characters, and i'll be adding more animators. IF you'd like to be featured, or if you think there's someone who deserves to be featured, comment it. If you're on the list and don't want to be, please tell me!
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ShaedeTheEevee 10/09/2019 14:44
_Menvis007_, it should be fine ;)
_Menvis007_ 10/09/2019 13:19
i'd be dope to see me in there, but I don't quite have my own style. I hope that wouldn't be a too big a problem.
RainyArts 10/09/2019 11:54
starskies123 10/08/2019 20:58
Is it okay if you add me? Lol I promise I don't draw as ugly as I used too. lol
String-On-A-Rope 10/08/2019 20:30
LIKE, JEEZ. Yall really came in hot with the sentimental feels
String-On-A-Rope 10/08/2019 20:27
Talia8Pie 10/08/2019 19:58
Man if you succeed, that'd be really godly, because even I can't do this
IntenseHands 10/08/2019 18:47
this sounds cool, good luck
Le_Awesome_Derp 10/08/2019 17:55
can I be in it please
ShaedeTheEevee 10/08/2019 17:07