12/26/2018 13:43
this is crap.. The moderator said "spEND MoRE Time ON yOUr tOoNS" so I tried but this still looks... bad .. I want to cry, I've spent 1 hour on .. this-
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inikyuu 12/31/2018 09:44
SpiritWolfie, thank you anon ^^
SpiritWolfie 12/30/2018 14:15
youre amazing

and i love save me
inikyuu 12/26/2018 13:46
DarkenedLight, no, my bias is Suga (and my bias wrecker is Jimin sksk), but his parts in the choreography usually stood out to me, so I often animate him. And thank you ^^
DarkenedLight 12/26/2018 13:44
whoa thats cool! is your bias jhope?