i aniamte very well...........

02/17/2016 20:00
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LegitShrek 05/16/2016 18:01
peridorito, do it now
peridorito 05/16/2016 18:00
i actually want to put this in goodplace
preeng 03/01/2016 01:02
It seems you break your barrier :D really great to see you animating UwU
IHaveNoFace 02/17/2016 20:08
This honestly deserves a medal. First of all, the animation is amazing, and the movement is just- absolutely stunning. The anatomy is just perfect, the style goes really well with this. And the colours and music fit in so well with the mood of this toon, it's just beautiful, I think I'm tearing up.

There is no word in the dictionary, to describe how perfect this is, absolutely perfect. Just please, give this a medal.
Yuki142080 02/17/2016 20:04
very nice
LoveDerp 02/17/2016 20:03
wow the movement is amazing!! such fluidity! I'm amazed!!!!!!!11
IHaveNoFace 02/17/2016 20:03
moham1 02/17/2016 20:01