Boop (。◕‿‿◕。)

10/19/2018 12:14
yah.. this is the first animation ive done on my animator account with a mouse. PLEASE dont demote me. im trying to get use to this, so that i dont have to stop animating here all together hhhh i know this is bad, especially compared to my other toons... but im REALLY trying. i hope u like this mess uwu.
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PiperTheArtsyFox 10/28/2018 17:00
PiperTheArtsyFox 10/28/2018 17:00
Is this on Popular??
_Disaster_ 10/25/2018 16:32
massacrethedemon, i do and it bugs me ;-;
crystal_rainwing, ahh i dont took me like 4 hours tho
massacrethedemon 10/25/2018 16:14
i see no difference
crystal_rainwing 10/25/2018 11:38
seriously how
I have these crap animations with a mouse ugh
crystal_rainwing 10/25/2018 11:37
how did you do that with a mouse
Cherii 10/24/2018 16:26
budgerigar921 10/22/2018 19:41
_Disaster_ 10/22/2018 09:28
crystal_rainwing, thank you
crystal_rainwing 10/22/2018 09:07
you are amazing is all i can say...
just wow
its so dang good