what a nice day :)

08/01/2019 07:06
wait what is that in the corner
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clou- 12/01/2019 14:08
btw gt if u see this enjoy ur lil tea
clou- 12/01/2019 14:07
yoshihomo, ia what
Toonimator_666 12/01/2019 14:05
yoshihomo, wut? wtf did i do?! i was replying to clou- not you.
yoshihomo 12/01/2019 13:56
clou-, moham said earlier that they have a twit but hes ia now so we cant ask him
clou- 12/01/2019 13:55
clou-, it's @anoncaiagusjshjshsj idk dude
clou- 12/01/2019 13:54
yoshihomo, I remember them having an acc after the anon error thing but I forgot their full username
B1uMoonGirl 12/01/2019 13:54
yoshihomo 12/01/2019 13:50
Toonimator_666, shut the fuck up
B1uMoonGirl, imagine having to see it
clou- 12/01/2019 13:50
Toonimator_666, just don't wanna ruin someone's innocence that's all
Toonimator_666 12/01/2019 13:45
clou-, why i wanted to know i hate not knowing stuff i feel left out