okay new entry

11/01/2020 13:25
idk if this counts as passer worthy,,,, im nervous t post stuff now and its different being passer idk why
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Epicxz 02/21/2021 04:46
agggh im cringing so harsdxdd d sdfg fd h vbn bm stupid nine year odl
Epicxz 02/21/2021 04:44
kraftcheese, pixelchan, Zatch, Sp3ctrum, xoi is not me i dont think lmao
Epicxz 02/21/2021 04:43
Epicxz, wait what the fuck when did you say this
kraftcheese 11/03/2020 01:16
xoi nice name snipe epicxz
Zatch 11/02/2020 23:17
xoi, hi epicxz
xoi 11/02/2020 13:16
joke very bad one
WolfHats 11/02/2020 13:15
xoi, pls stop lmao
xoi 11/02/2020 13:15
xoi no i think you need passer
xoi 11/02/2020 13:15
Epicxz i think you need passer
pixelchan 11/02/2020 01:13
Sp3ctrum, lol.