more sapphire adopts

11/30/2017 19:53
Tried to do something with the green ones dress that came out a little funky, its supposed to be like swirling around and the yellow part is the star. Anyways, the green one is a crystal jam with her gem on her shoulder and the purple one serves homeworld with a gem on her chest.
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dogenami 12/27/2017 19:38
omg this is really cute :3
chibisenpai 12/01/2017 17:37
Jinxseam, oh,it's ok if someone else takes it......
Jinxseam 12/01/2017 17:36
chibisenpai, Im sorry, but 0-09- already asked for her I believe, and the rules for my adopts are first come first serve :- / But yes I'll draw them fused later, sounds like fun fun
chibisenpai 12/01/2017 17:31
THE GREEN ONE!BTW can you show s what they'd look like fused?
Jinxseam 11/30/2017 20:36
0-09-, u got er
0-09- 11/30/2017 20:03
crystal jam
Jinxseam 11/30/2017 19:55
Xx_anxiety_xX, she's yours
Xx_anxiety_xX 11/30/2017 19:54
i want le purple one :00