01/18/2021 11:31
If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain.

I was very upset when I went to Toonator after January 12 and saw a message about the end of support for the flash instead of the brand new editor that we were promised. Well, I took the initiative into my own hands (and I'm not alone, there is M-Edit, too!) and made my own editor in HTML5 as a Chrome extension. I want to say right away that this is a rather buggy version: no colours, some troubles with copying frames, etc. But, I hope, thanks to your testing (I apologize in advance for the spoiled nerves), we will polish the editor to the smallest detail, and I can start implementing custom functions!

Okay, here is the download link:


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crabappels 02/08/2021 09:47
srry ment to say computer
crabappels 02/08/2021 09:46
oh yeah on my old comuter i did it but this one isnt working
crabappels 02/08/2021 09:40
Im not asking you im asking tim
bububooo 02/08/2021 09:38
crabappels, You're too young to use chrome extensions. probably age restriction.
crabappels 02/08/2021 09:33
Just help me im coming so hard to reach out and get to this toon please tim i need you to help me is there another way to animate?Do you know a good place that will help with flash or something i tried everything. Please tim i just need help i just need some way to get these ideas out there do you have any way for me to get that? Please help me tim . - crabappels
crabappels 02/08/2021 09:28
It wont work i go to the link but it says erro not found 404 .Tim please help me i have so many animation ideas please tim.I really need help do have some way please.
thesak 01/31/2021 09:08
Fusing 01/28/2021 22:05
Will patch notes periodically appear on this toon or on the extension page?
B1uMoonGirl 01/28/2021 19:06
yeeess thank youuu
sashabraus101 01/27/2021 15:59
RobloxianCats, sounds a bit gay mr.cats