sword arm

08/02/2020 08:59
totally original idea...its not from some kind of anime *cough*dororo *cough**cough*
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Bamboo0k 08/03/2020 16:24
omg Hyakkimaru *LOVE*
LeisurlyBeaver 08/03/2020 00:38
that would suck. you can't do most activities
B1uMoonGirl 08/02/2020 19:40
Raine_Rain, All of your stuff is so great! You deserve it.
gueswhatimafurry 08/02/2020 19:03
911: 911 whats your emergency
i have knife hands, my hands are knifes
911: can you put the knifes down?
no, they are my hands
Raine_Rain 08/02/2020 18:25
didn't think this would get a medal...Thx B1uMoonGirl
Raine_Rain 08/02/2020 18:23
zefuro, Light it up
zefuro 08/02/2020 14:26