I Will Never Forget You

02/12/2018 19:09
Should i make this into a mini movie???? This is just a simple idea i was thinking of doing. its going to be about these dragon type thingstrying to survive the dangers of a secret world and they fallin love or something. COMMENT WAT YOU THINK
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Jazzmary 02/14/2018 08:11
FenrenDraws, Artist block happens .3. I have that rn.
What_Am_I 02/13/2018 19:53
Yep! I'd rather have smiles here! I hope you enjoy Toonator!
Noobz24 02/13/2018 19:50
thanks :)
What_Am_I 02/13/2018 19:49
, aww Noobz24, you won't be forgotten here :)! Here, is like a mystery friendship of showing what you like or, how you draw!
Noobz24 02/13/2018 19:47
Well alot of people have forgotten about me..
turtleman 02/13/2018 18:52
What_Am_I 02/13/2018 17:18
I really Really like this! You animate WAY better than me!I wish I had skillz like that :<. But still, its really good.
I hope you continue on this work and you may get some real prize if you keep up on making great animations :)

OH and awesomeguy956, listen to the adults "If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut"
FenrenDraws 02/13/2018 15:18
Not very long considering it’s he ruff draft so probably a few hours or so just because I was planning ideas and drawing characters out NikkiandBrie,
NikkiandBrie 02/13/2018 13:16
yes you should make this into a movie you did a really good job how long did this take you to make
FenrenDraws 02/13/2018 10:15
I’m just saying if u don’t like it u didn’t really need to watch it but ok?? If ur just going to throw a fit like a child then I suggest don’t comment awesomeguy956,