My first husbando- (A cruddy animation)

11/28/2017 21:34
God- I had a dvd set and if it didn't have him in it, I would skip. Sesshomaru was that important to me.
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BlackFox-Heart 04/23/2018 06:21
takashi-senpai18 12/04/2017 14:09
lord sesshomaru
canadian-leaf205 11/29/2017 18:54
Ceralius101, i also had to secretly watch it bc my mem hated animes with demonds untill i got her obbsesed with naruto
Ceralius101 11/29/2017 18:40
canadian-leaf205 11/29/2017 18:36
Ceralius101, i almost turned of my tv but my little brother loocked at me like i was a scardy cat so i kept it on
Ceralius101 11/29/2017 17:43
AHH, I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I remember when I was young, I was so terrified of the first episode. The centipede woman was too much for my seven-year-old mind.
Totoro6666 11/29/2017 11:47
oh my god
YvngSIx 11/29/2017 07:23
i love this show
vcbasic 11/28/2017 22:54
inuyashaaaaa <3
SirLser-QietCrpr 11/28/2017 22:38
Terrible_Fate, iknowthatthisusedtobemymostfavoriteshowever