I Am Here, Sovereign (Reverse!¡!/Lifeless)

10/19/2017 02:24
Coloring/Concept Sketch of Lifeless' true form. Or at least, a teaser. I mean- I still have to do some sketches before I decide what he looks like OUTSIDE of his body, but yeah. For now, I'll... hint at what I'm trying to get at. Lol. Enjoy?
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zefuro 10/27/2017 07:04
Terrible_Fate, oh... thats deeeeeeeeep...
Terrible_Fate 10/26/2017 18:17
zefuro, It all depends on WHEN you're referring to.

Because when Yuki first meets him, Lifeless is a male in a female husk. And after the series ends, he manages to figure out how to get a male body.

So to answer your question, he is a male. Regardless of what body type he is. ^_^
Hihello68__ 10/26/2017 14:55
zefuro, lol
zefuro 10/26/2017 14:49
is it a gurl or a boy...or both...
Insert-Username 10/25/2017 01:21
Terrible_Fate, do you?
Insert-Username 10/25/2017 01:20
do you go on discord by chance?
BitterMars 10/24/2017 17:11
Uu sh*t, he's hot now. (I mean, he was always hot, but....)
Terrible_Fate 10/22/2017 20:49
Yuki142080 10/22/2017 20:48
Terrible_Fate 10/22/2017 20:47
Flower_Yuki, ;););););)