05/13/2020 01:18
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poxem 05/13/2020 17:44
SkylertheOutlaw, thanks! i usuall dont give a fuck abput the hate anymore Titanoturtle, yes
AnthTanth 05/13/2020 12:10
SkylertheOutlaw 05/13/2020 08:18
same thing happened to me in 2016, don't let ppl tear u down for it,, :00 they just jealous
Titanoturtle 05/13/2020 02:54
Poxemu 05/13/2020 02:44
Fusing, nah i didnt apply it just happened
Fusing 05/13/2020 02:32
Poxemu, How in Uhtred's pressure cooked greasy balls did you attain animator? You obviously deserve it, but didja apply for it or sumethin'?
PotatoChipzToon 05/13/2020 02:22
Poxemu, do u like wat? :/
Poxemu 05/13/2020 02:09
Fusing, do what? also THANKS and THANKS __FusH__
Fusing 05/13/2020 02:06
Yo, how'd you do that

Also, hella congrats dude, you deserve it!
Poxemu 05/13/2020 01:58
PotatoChipzToon, u really do me like that