(DESC)Tf is wrong with toonator

04/11/2018 12:07
Lmfao it's mostly about some stupid motherfucking useless mentally ill children acting like they're better than everybody else and failing to roast me. Your efforts on roasting me have been pointless, like tons of people fail to roast me and I had some other accounts well lol I was the cool kid lmao hahhahahahaha fuck u all unless you're a friend
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galaxysplosion2 06/20/2018 02:39
Duckduckgo, that's alot coming from you
Duckduckgo 06/19/2018 03:17
TheAnimations, Loser XD
TheAnimations 05/31/2018 05:36
Duckduckgo, You do realise that you are not the best animator on here?I'd say most of the toons in sandbox are better than yours.I don't really know you,but to me you seem like someone who thinks he/she is better than everybody else.
Duckduckgo 05/15/2018 03:15
DaleksOfSkaro, Go to sandbox and you'll see like 9 of 10 toons are garbage and most of people are asshats thought.
DaleksOfSkaro 05/11/2018 09:44
Duckduckgo, Dont let a few people represent the whole community.
DaleksOfSkaro 05/11/2018 09:44
Duckduckgo, im not trying to roast you im just trying to ask you to look for the good people not the people who are asshats
Duckduckgo 05/11/2018 03:55
DaleksOfSkaro, You're like the desciprition
DaleksOfSkaro 05/09/2018 10:06
boyo im older than 90% of toonator and ive gotten nothing but friendly vibes from people on here... Ive been around for a while and really enjoy the community. Just because you had a few bad experience means the entire community sucks. Please expand your view
Duckduckgo 04/21/2018 04:23
davvy, no u
davvy 04/21/2018 03:55
ur mom gay lol