this was anon );<

12/25/2020 13:21
finally got a wacom tablet so i'll be animating a bunch! hope everyone has a great christmas day (;
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whattodo 12/28/2020 01:46
tbtbed, ohh i see that now actually-
whattodo 12/28/2020 01:46
Raine_Rain, thanks rain!!
tbtbed 12/27/2020 17:08
is it me or is it zooming in?
Raine_Rain 12/27/2020 13:18
This is good!
whattodo 12/26/2020 21:09
Potato-blurbs, idk just money mostly- hahah
whattodo 12/26/2020 21:09
Tropical_Sipss, ohh the same thing happened to me wiht a different type of tablet. wacom worked tho maybe try that?
Potato-blurbs 12/26/2020 20:05
whattodo, How im around 14 that's sad
Tropical_Sipss 12/26/2020 19:53
man i got a Gaomon tablet M10K 2018 and I cant even use it for this website :(( its just giving me dots
whattodo 12/26/2020 01:24
Potato-blurbs, raise money! bahah or something, its worth it i think
whattodo 12/26/2020 01:24
ChillingPastelle, ahh i used to use a mouse to its hard. im glad u got a tablet! yay