06/19/2016 13:36


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randomwinterpup 04/09/2018 00:21
sooo cute!
bevvo 06/23/2016 03:58
cannibalove I'm glad to hear that, thank you so much!! :)
cannibalove 06/22/2016 07:35
bevvo, no worries, everybody makes mistakes, this happens real often, especially to the new users like you. I tought, it looked like it was unfinished, but didn't really care because it's adorable. I'd like to see the finished version tho, when it's done! :3
bevvo 06/19/2016 15:34
renjii thank you so much! :)
renjii 06/19/2016 15:34
bevvo, don't worry its rlly cute
bevvo 06/19/2016 15:33
I didn't even give it a name, ugh! Dx
renjii 06/19/2016 15:33
bevvo, ur innocent we can keep u
bevvo 06/19/2016 15:33
Oh no!!!! I accidentally posted this without finishing it! D: I'm new on here and had no idea till logged back on! Thank you so much for the kind comments but I'm actually really annoyed at myself for accidentally posting this completely unfinished! :(
cannibalove 06/19/2016 13:59
Senpaisepticeye 06/19/2016 13:46