daily homer #4 (the finale)

06/20/2019 19:37
the last in a series of several. THIS TIME WITH SOUND!!
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toonimator_101 07/28/2019 11:47
I wish this series never ended. R.I.P Daily Homer
Potato3yo 06/23/2019 16:56
ElkHouse 06/22/2019 15:49
wheres my burrito? wheres my burrito?
cukie3 06/22/2019 10:00
DoctorPeppa 06/22/2019 06:05
Lol, I did this the day you did it, but I did Bart in color. I made mine at 7:00 AM though.
SlenderLicky 06/21/2019 12:08
im with this
toonimator_101 06/21/2019 08:27
doooderoo 06/21/2019 07:17
awendt_, it cost 500 spooders and you have to got to your account on muultator which is the Russian toonator
mixjestiic 06/21/2019 07:16
awendt_, you go to multator, log in to your account and click on your toon
it has a bunch of russian stuff but just translate the whole page with the google translate option
but you can also understand the options by symbols
if you see a microphone symbol, click on it and it will ask you if you want to upload sound onto the toon

but in order to do so you need 500 spiders
awendt_ 06/21/2019 05:40
how do you put music to toons? and how much does is cost??