Ruels In Desc

01/23/2018 17:39
1: Listen to this song (im sorry im trash) 2: No NSFW 3: You can use all color pallets 9i think thats all?? i dont know) Prize for 1st place: GP (and if the price on gp isnt low or i jit dont feel like using my spooders, colored animation fanart) Prize for 2nd place: colored fanart Prize for 3rd place: un colored fanart
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nyanstar_260 02/03/2018 03:42
nyanstar_260 02/03/2018 03:09
ill join
TarynStar 02/01/2018 09:35
indigo-rain 01/27/2018 12:57
SGandQuatstudio 01/25/2018 17:34
-Wind_Waker- 01/25/2018 11:05
UnicornBunnies 01/24/2018 19:12
SGandQuatstudio 01/24/2018 19:01
UnicornBunnies 01/24/2018 18:52
SGandQuatstudio, its ends in 2 weeks
SGandQuatstudio 01/24/2018 18:50
when will it end? (i want to enter cause i love that song and i dont wanna be too late!)