TheSoulsOfUsAll (OPEN AGAIN)

04/30/2018 13:51
why is this posed again? CUZZ THE TIME HAS COME!! yes! i am doing a rotation! i have lots of spots available! show me what you got!! but new rule, this is just for passer and above for now! BUT! show me what u have anyway and i might let ya in ;) just toons please.
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massacrethedemon 05/19/2018 18:55
I got kicked from souls of us all, can i have an explianation?
Jazzmary 05/08/2018 08:26
I still love how this is drawn uwu
Tornillow 05/06/2018 10:10
THIS IS AMAZING!!! I keep watching it, XD :0
Sketchawolf 05/04/2018 06:04
Can I join again? There is only a month left and I want to get better. I can't do it without someone encouraging me.
love44 05/01/2018 19:46
_Disaster_, is there a deadline of some sort or an announcement that lets the people who dont make it in know that they didnt
_Disaster_ 05/01/2018 19:36
love44, I will pm you if u get in.
love44 05/01/2018 17:03
when do answers come out
Offel 05/01/2018 12:16
love44, you're already a group acc
love44 05/01/2018 12:16
Dang it....i wanna get in sOOOOO BAD...;-;
Jazzmary 05/01/2018 07:27
HHHHH Oh my I guess these are some of my better animations here oof I do work well though within my freetime... I put lots more effort and time on weekends though.