The saviour

10/29/2017 13:32
Welp, I ended up finishing it... I better take a break...anyways, hope youre happy with this, I think I got alot more tired and messed up some stuff in the middle...but Im too tired to fix. Bye :)


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RANDOMGIRL4 12/06/2017 15:03
Aww, a dragon saved a princess, we all thought it would be the other way around
Lucarionite 12/06/2017 13:23
aaaaaaaa this would've definitely won

*no offense to the people who entered-*
blubeanie 11/02/2017 13:44

it missed the deadline ;-;
Krayowscat 10/29/2017 15:15
This is amazing! It's too bad the contest ended > <
randomtrash 10/29/2017 13:33
the contest already ended though...darn