walky walky practice

01/31/2018 02:56
help me
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wolf10133 01/31/2018 14:25
Dogepants 01/31/2018 13:47
wolf10133, I'll think about it ;3
wolf10133 01/31/2018 13:15
can i use this baseline, i will credit, it will help me with a walking animation
SWAGHOLDUP 01/31/2018 05:20
Dogepants 01/31/2018 03:50
Talia8Pie, Thank you <3
Talia8Pie 01/31/2018 03:06
wolfdoge, Alrighty!

What I like about this is the fact that you've paid attention to the legs and joints. Another thing is that a head bob makes it closer to a realistic walk cycle. It's a considerable amount of fluency and overall, a great walk cycle :D

Now for the improvements.
Some of the joints disappear in the animation then reappear. Most joints would probably still be bent a little, not too much that its at a right angle, but just enough to signify the joint being there. Feet as well disappear and reappear but I can understand we don't always have time for feet (or sometimes we spend too much time on feet)

Anyways. I hope I gave good constructive criticism, and not hurt your feelings. I love the animation and hope you keep up the good work :D
wolfdoge 01/31/2018 02:59
Talia8Pie, I have a friend who is helping me out in the current moment with walk cycles, but yes please!
Talia8Pie 01/31/2018 02:57
Its pretty good. If you want constructive critisism, i'd be happy to try and give it to you