Happy Halloween!

10/31/2018 17:24
Not as good as last year, but I've got a tight schedule. Enjoy this bad attempt. It's supposed to ONLY look sem-decent in preview, so don't gimme crud for bad shading. PEace. // Splice of this Gif. Don't know where it's from, so -squat- : https://media.giphy.com/media/7hrcYZETQWtz2/giphy.gif
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sashabraus101 06/06/2020 18:44
AnAnimator, okay but even if you sis so this in 3/4 days, ummm this isn't a competition
FNAFgirl2018 06/14/2019 16:03
whattodo 11/29/2018 12:37
Tyes 11/15/2018 11:12
Вот чего не хватало
Это же круто!
whoherelovescats 11/04/2018 12:14
Cintrix, ikr?
Cintrix 11/04/2018 12:13
whoherelovescats 11/04/2018 08:19
toonimator_101 11/03/2018 11:40
AnAnimator, Are you serious, man? This is absolutely EPIC!!!!!!!!!
whoherelovescats 11/03/2018 08:39
You're really, really good!
beemoboy 11/02/2018 11:18
it looks better minimized