i am drawing with a mouse

04/29/2020 13:39
im not used to this anymore i used to but now i cant help i wan my tablet
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wolfieplayz124 05/29/2020 11:32
K7ng 05/28/2020 20:43
wolfieplayz124, i just haven't done it in a while lol
wolfieplayz124 05/28/2020 17:33
I draw with a mouse its not THAT baddd
K7ng 04/29/2020 14:20
KunaWolf, pretty much
K7ng 04/29/2020 14:16
KunaWolf 04/29/2020 13:58
anything that istn serious art on toon is drawn with a mouse at this point i am simply lazy
VoidWatcher 04/29/2020 13:56
K7ng, ooooo
K7ng 04/29/2020 13:52
VoidWatcher, it smooths out lines, for some reason. it's why my handwriting on this website is real bad and practically ineligible lmao, but other than that it just feels like you're drawing with a pen on paper
XxzachanatorxX 04/29/2020 13:51
K7ng, Very true
K7ng 04/29/2020 13:50
XxzachanatorxX, i looove my tablet and stylus. ive even named it. but i think it's all up to preference, there are some cool works of art made with a trackpad or mouse. whatever peeps be comfortable with