Somebody's Watching Me

11/11/2017 17:49
Remix by Mysto and Pizzi (that's what the credits in the Youtube video say, anyways), and thanks to @Dodobroking11 for helping me choose the song to add! And then the character here is Ayo~<3 Her eyelashes are hidden by her hair. -w- (Ayobelongstome) And my inspiration for this was MagicaJaphet~<3 You're an amazing animator Magica. ;w; Alsoooo, hmmm, 400 toons? You know what this means... MUSIC TIME! ... Again :D My second music toon! I'll add the music as soon as I can once this is posted! Hope you all enjoy this!~<3
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Fluffowuffo 05/29/2018 17:23
-Pacific_Mink-, Thanks X3
-Pacific_Mink- 05/29/2018 16:39
aaawwww so kawaiiii~!
R0YALS 02/07/2018 18:52
R0YALS, Shoot

Sorry - fluff
R0YALS 02/07/2018 18:52
-AshFlame-, Well

Time doesn't really pass fast once you think about it, though... Just think about how long we've been alive; that's not much of our lives or of life expectancy (whatever that may be lol)
-AshFlame- 02/07/2018 18:51
Fluffowuffo, >w< Thats a scary thought when you think about it for a long time
Fluffowuffo 02/07/2018 18:49
-AshFlame-, It does uwu
-AshFlame- 02/07/2018 18:48
Fluffowuffo, Np uWu

And yeah x3

Time flies by fast :'U
Fluffowuffo 02/07/2018 18:47
-AshFlame-, Oh, thanks!

Oy, this is nearly 3 months old now tho X'3
-AshFlame- 02/07/2018 18:46
Fluffowuffo, Yeah x3

It sorta looks sketchy like, and, idk, it just adds style in my opinion :0
Fluffowuffo 02/07/2018 18:41
-AshFlame-, Thanks X3 And what did? The shaky lines? :U