Sightless Doodle

11/25/2017 03:13
Lol. I got bored and sketched up this sh*tty animation. I'll probably do something better soon, but who knows.
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Terrible_Fate 11/25/2017 12:38
Billysilly, There's no option for that, hun. An option like that would only enforce negative emotions.
But feel free to give me an unhappy face emoji to voice your discontent:
Billysilly 11/25/2017 11:35
How do you unlike?
Terrible_Fate 11/25/2017 11:18
-wakes up to this- The hell?
Lucarionite 11/25/2017 10:29
holy this is amazing wth
jojoanims 11/25/2017 09:57
but 10 likes?
jojoanims 11/25/2017 09:56
why is there only 2 comments?
Future-MFX 11/25/2017 05:21
Amazing! :)