I revised an old song

10/05/2020 18:13
Alright. This song is I'm guessing about 6 months old, where the first calm(er) half of the song only existed. About two months later, I attacked the song, trying to blow off some rage. I went back to it and I have to admit, it was a mess. It took about a month to clean up the second part. I hope you enjoy. https://flat.io/score/5efce8d8b18c92157303f19a-anxiety?sharingKey=7455353094c80601941f98dc4aa01a584c6ee5521163c3fbf4592fd9a553f1fa9c5505bc9119e8fef8b36d13a454d3572d1564b1f6c200394a2fa5c5a8b95ee1
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kraftcheese 10/06/2020 03:15
yesss the banger returns
TarynStar 10/05/2020 18:37
Holy Fuck that is Really Good
RowanDarling470 10/05/2020 18:20
w o a