03/19/2019 15:11
suru lives in an apartment with his aunt and works at Yiffdonald's to pay the rent. I know, lame. (audio:
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Sereno 07/17/2019 16:04
Aunt: wake up, you need to make, mOnEy

Suru: ACKHh
Wing_of_fire 07/16/2019 04:08
don't we all make this noise when some one wakes us up?
ameredith 07/14/2019 15:30
I think he broke my ears I had it at full volume :'<
toonimator_101 07/13/2019 05:14
I've watched this so many times I can sync the music in my head with the volume down-
Llamalady 07/12/2019 22:48
Im speechless... THats Why I TyPe
Fuckfff 06/20/2019 14:28
21 multator
6749 06/20/2019 06:34
моя любимая музыка!!!
_Pomposha_ 06/20/2019 06:06
GrimpyToonz 06/14/2019 19:05
i love the rooster sound
suzete 06/08/2019 17:50
Sound boot in animations