Can't Stand Your Loneliness

04/04/2017 13:19 -- Should night life Be trying not to laugh though You won't get money From doing what you loving I'm moving out of city Victor of a second chance Get a lot of problems We kicked a lot of them
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Kotsuko 10/22/2018 17:27
MeiGoat, TwT Aye aye!!
MeiGoat 10/18/2018 06:36
Kotsuko, Well thanks for catching me up haha!! Sounds like something I'll have to get used to

Sadly I'm stuck on my mom's computer atm after mine bit the dust so I can't run the game that well but Christmas is coming so I'm hoping to have a new one by then :pray_emoji:
Kotsuko 10/18/2018 05:26
MeiGoat, xDD Yup you have. Aaand of course new furs.

And they added new categories to the shop: Hair styles, Contact lenses (YES, CONTACT LENSES) and hands (you can buy stuff for your hands now lol). They now have Discord, and although it's not much of a big deal, they replaced the settings button with their discord portal, which is basically a button that brings you to their discord. Aand yeah basically thats it.
ElectricBluw 10/17/2018 19:52
amazing ! i love the pallate and your style ! absolutely flawless
MeiGoat 10/17/2018 19:48
Kotsuko, Quests?? Bosses??

@w@ Musta been off for a rea llong time
Kotsuko 10/17/2018 13:35
MeiGoat, >:3 I c I shall add u

And btw there are lots of new updates, like the new "village", which is basically /room 801. There's also the new quest update, where obviously we do quests to earn cheese, or even fraises. Every day you have three quests for cheese and a quest for fraises (where you complete 20 cheese quests to finish it), and if you finish all three cheese quests, it will reset after closing the window. And you can change one quest per three cheese quests. Whatever you don't finish for the day will remain and the empty slots will be refilled the next day.

And btw rn is halloween event. Theres a new boss event (LUA Event: The Unknown) where you have to defeat a boss by pressing space in its weak spot (theyll point it out), and before that you can open chests to get a chance to get a random prize. After defeating the boss you get an event item where you have to gather 35 of them to get the newest badge, the witch badge. Then theres the title <<Cipher>> you have to say spells at certain places of certain boss maps. For more information:
MeiGoat 10/16/2018 17:44
Kotsuko, Oh sure!! My username on Transformice is MeiGoat
uuuhh I haven't been on it in a while though lmao
Kotsuko 10/16/2018 16:29
I see the ears--TRANSFORMICE CAN WE BE FRIENDS--Username: Kotsuko#6509 --AND--Can I have your username as well? >w>
MeiGoat 04/05/2017 19:02
NyanDogeKat, grslkfg f really?? Oh mygosh <333 I'm flattered hgfd
NyanDogeKat 04/05/2017 14:55
your a huge inspiration for me--