Just some redraw

05/18/2020 12:16
Original Idea is here! go like that one, too! Yes some Jestar and Blixer momentzz
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iCamicat1 06/21/2020 12:29
oh just shapes and beats, good :v
Xx_Create_xX 05/29/2020 07:37
BendyandShaymin, no, they shall not hehehe
ChillingPastelle 05/28/2020 12:58
BendyandShaymin, i mean your attitude when i say i love you
BendyandShaymin 05/28/2020 12:57
ChillingPastelle, //O//O//
ChillingPastelle 05/28/2020 12:53
BendyandShaymin, NO I LOVE YOU
BendyandShaymin 05/28/2020 12:51
ChillingPastelle, You're going to make me red!! /^\
ChillingPastelle 05/28/2020 12:31
BendyandShaymin, if ur my idol ur my idol what i can say i love your anims and styleee
ChillingPastelle 05/28/2020 12:30
BendyandShaymin 05/28/2020 12:29
ChillingPastelle, S T O P >^<
ChillingPastelle 05/28/2020 12:29
BendyandShaymin, NO I LOVE UR ANIMS IDOL