sad news

07/18/2017 19:54
im quitting toonator. im sorry. bye. i might visit occasionally, but not to make toons. i might roleplay with some people, catch up with my friends in pms during holidays, but i won't be animating anymore. my birthdays coming up and i will be getting a drawing tablet, and moving on to more proffesional softwars to animate on, because on a chromebook on a free website is not the best way. im sorry. nobody will miss me tho :`/
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twoodle-doodle 08/09/2017 01:33
DoomerSlice 07/26/2017 18:01
twoodleXanimates 07/24/2017 23:38
irotai of course senpai
irotai 07/19/2017 23:16
twoodleXanimates, give the link to me as well ;)
UniIceCreamz 07/19/2017 19:53
UniIceCreamz, im iroha
UniIceCreamz 07/19/2017 19:53
twoodleXanimates, THANK YOU SENPAI :D
twoodleXanimates 07/19/2017 17:54
Isdog i won't be animating until my birthday, i will link you when i have gotten my drawing tablet and start animating again
Isdog 07/19/2017 15:28
are you still going to post animations online. If so please link us to where your gonna animate!! plzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iiKanakoX 07/19/2017 00:27
Unicorngirl7689 07/19/2017 00:25
yea dont leave us